I was born Nov 18. 1953 in Budapest. I finished the Kossuth Lajos High Scool in Erzsébet (a southern district of the capital). I graduated from the Hungarian Academy af Craft and Design in January, 1987.
I studied in the textile-leather department with the guidance of Margit Szilvitzky and Árpád Molnár. In 1988 I worked as a designer for the Palota Fashion Leather Firm. Since September 1. 1988 I hove been working in the Foundation institut and in the recently reorganised Textile Faculty of the
Hungarian Academy of Craft and Design.

Solo Exhibitions

1997 Fashion Illutration, Suzuki House Gallery Budapest
1996 Fashion Illustration Sping-Summer'96, Gallery Tölgyfa, Budapest
1995 „Pattern" Variations, Peter-Pal Gallery, Szentendre
1993 "Experimentum" (Experiments) Gaál Gallery, Budapest
1992 Rock Graphic Poster Exhibition, Benko-Korda Gallery, Budapest
1991 Textile in the Appilerd Graphic, "Fészek" Artist Club, Budapest
1989 Rock Photo and Graphic Works Club of Young Artist, Budapest

Collective Exhibitions

1998 „Silence", Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1997 István Szonyi Academy (30 years), Szonyi Museum, Zebegény
1995 Textival, Budapest
1994 National Colour Print Graphic Exhibition, Culture Centre, Szekszárd
1994 Textival, Budapest
1991 Mini Textile Exhibition, Small Gallery, Budapest
1991 2nd International Triennial of Patterns, Ernst Museum, Budapest
1989 Exhibition of the Studio of Young Artist of Applied in Pécs
1987 Studio of Young Artist of Applied Art - „Fesfival", Vigadó Gallery, Budapest
1987 Exhibition of the Studies of Menyhért Tóth, Little Duna Gallery, Budapest
1977 Exhibition of the „Zebegény" Warkshop, Library Gallery, Zebegény